Snowbike Riding Requirements

For our clients safety, all riders must be current motorcycle riders who own, or have previously owned a motorcycle, and are of intermediate skill level on dirt.

  • Prior dirt bike or motorcycle experience required (Intermediate Level)
  • 16 years of age minimum with valid Drivers License
  • Ability to use the throttle, clutch, shift, and brakes on a motorcycle
  • Must be able to lift 150 lbs by yourself
  • Endure hours in cold weather
  • Able to follow complex directions (Starting procedure, stopping procedure, route plan, meeting points)
  • Able to navigate backcountry terrain, and make decisions based on different snow conditions.
  • Positive / Respectful attitude
  • Please inform us of any pre-existing medical injuries or conditions

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience in winter backcountry snowmobiling, snowboarding, or skiing
  • Awareness and knowledge of avalanche terrain, and avalanche tools, AIARE avalanche certification

Riding Gear

In order to have an enjoyable experience the gear you need to bring includes:

  • Helmet, Moto style, no snowboarding/ski helmets.
  • Winter Boots (Snowmobile or waterproof Motocross boots)
  • Goggles (dual lens ski/snowboard style preferred)
  • Gloves (thick/warm pair )
  • Warm under-layers / socks
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof pants
  • Knee Pads
  • Water
  • Lunch / Snacks
  • Headlamp

What should I do if I get lost, hurt, run out of gas, or the bike breaks down?

If someone is badly injured, lost, or in an emergency situation, call the local authorities, so you can get help sent your way as soon as possible.

Call Cascade Adventure on the 2 way radios, or your phone as a backup if it is machine related, or you are separated from your guide.

You should never run out of gas. Use the spare gas can to fill the bike, turn around and head back to the snopark entrance.

Emergency: 911

Kittitas County Sheriff: 509-962-7525